Light Builder Gel

Low viscosity gel for easy correction, strengthening and building of the nails with simple forms. Its exceptional self-leveling allows to make a compete nail correction in 30 minutes!

Produced in USA

  • Cost-effective use
  • Time reduction of the procedure, does not require a long laying-out or file off
  • Non-yellowing, non-burning in a lamp

After polymerized Base Gel apply a medium layer by performing length extension, nail correction or strengthening the natural nails.

Gel has a low viscosity, it is recommended to work with nails one-by-one, fixing each nail in a lamp for 15-20 seconds. Finish with polymerization of all fingers together.

Remove a dispersion layer. File off and make a design, if needed. Coat with Top Gel.

Polymerization: in UV lamp (2 min)

B215 – 15ml
B250 – 50ml