Camouflage Base Coat

Rubber camouflage base for gel-polishes is used to strengthen and align the nails. Gives an exquisite shade, ideal for the “French” and “Nude” design.

Produced in the EU.

  • The innovative formula guarantees thorough drying and color retention
  • Allows to “align” the damaged or problematic nails
  • Doesn’t flow into cuticle and nail walls areas
  • Serves as a reliable “barrier” from the penetration of the colored pigments of gel-polishes into the nail
  • Strengthens a thin and fragile nail plate
  • Making the “French” or “Nude” design, does not require additional colors, two or three layers of the Base give a delicate camouflage tint
  • Doesn’t give a gradation during nails grow – requires nail correction less frequently!
  • Easy removal with the help of a liquid gel nail polish removal, a file or a nail machine
  • When removing the color coating with a file or a cutter, the border of the base and natural nail is visible. This allows not to injure a nail plate

1. Standard technology: apply a thin layer on the prepared nail, fixation in a UV / LED lamp
2. Alternative application method for problem nails: apply a second, denser layer to align a damaged nail plate or for better strengthening of the thin nails, wait for the complete self-leveling of the Base, fixation in the UV / LED lamp
3. If a colored gel-polish is not used (with the “French” or “Nude” design), a third thin layer may be applied for sufficient coating density. After that coat the Base with the Top gel immediately.

Polymerization: in UV lamp (2 min) / in LED lamp (2 min)

СB01 – 15ml – pink nude
СB02 – 15 ml – beige nude